Then we play! It’s tradition to have a cast party after a show opens! So thanks to the Fuja family, we had an amazing cast party! Lots of food, lots of pictures, lots of friends, and lots of memories made. Nothing better than that! As you can tell most of us still have our stage makeup on and look emotionally distraught, but don’t fret! We still had a good time!

Then of course, after closing night we all head to Applebee’s for dinner! We always go there to celebrate and obviously eat! On closing night our director, Suzie Balser, also informed us of who got chosen to go to the American College Theatre Festival (ACTF). All anxiously awaiting, she told us the good news. Dale Hoopes, Krystal Funk, and I, KelliAnn Johnson, were chosen to go. So, I would like to give a special congrats to the other two cast members! They are so talented and I am extremely proud and honored to be working with them.

I love my cast, and friends. They truly are amazing. :]